How the CIA influences public opinion
March 29, 2010, 7:19 pm
Filed under: CIA, Obama, Propaganda, War

A very interesting insight into how the CIA works has been provided via Wikileaks, for public consumption.  It also gives a good look into the general mindset that is prevalent at the Central Intelligence Agency.

For example, one of the main headers for this memo is entitled “Public Apathy Allows Leaders To Ignore Voters…”  Now, this isn’t exactly mindblowing, that leaders prefer an apathetic population, which allows them to act as they please, but confirmation that this is exploited by them is nice.

Another item of note is the scare quotes around “listening to the voters“.  Intelligence agencies, by their very nature, tend to have a degree of contempt for the democratic process, especially when this is exercised in areas of national security and foreign policy.  Something which this clearly demonstrates.

Other recommendations include how to specifically tailor the message to appeal to French and German audiences, as well as use Obama’s global popularity to help sell the mission more effectively.  It’s only a short memo, 4 pages long, but as a brief insight into the way intelligence agencies go about subverting democratic processes in our current situation, I recommend it.