“Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first.”
January 7, 2010, 11:19 pm
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Nick P explains once again, for those who might not have still got it, that the United States of America is pretty much doomed.  Go read, now.

Now, you might question why I, as a non-American, care.  Firstly, because I have many friends in the States, many of whom are not exactly the conforming type, and I’d rather not see them stuck in a cage for cheap laughs among the jackboot crowd.  And secondly, because the UK has a terrible tendency to ape the USA and the worst of its excesses (or even pre-empt them, in the case of Thatcher).

The fact is, this year, the Conservatives will thrash Labour in the General Election, and become the next Government.  And what a government it will be.  While Cameron himself has done a good job of portraying himself to be a fluffy and harmless “liberal conservative”, behind him are a whole gaggle of Thatcherites, neoconservatives and associated crazies who are going to drive this country off a cliff.

Whether its climate change denialist nuttery, their spending cuts which might throw us into a deeper recession, cozying up with European fascists and proto-fascists, promotion of religious nonsense in education, providing aid and comfort to American wingnuts or just straight out insanity, the Tories are not good news.  The price for being rid of Brown, whose greatest strength was his incompetence (I’d rather an incompetent ruler than a competent, but ruthless one) is this shower of inbred, Etonian piss.

Furthermore, with the BNP and UKIP agitating from the far-right, and threatening to steal votes if the Tories do not adopt part of their rhetoric and policy packages, there will be pressure on them to move into ever more extreme directions.  And not only do these two parties exert a subtle influence on Tory policies, but so does the American right, as any look at the Telegraph blogs section or the Spectator will show.  As the liberal Republicans flee or are undercut by ultra-conservatives, pushing their party along the route to fully blown fascism, the Tories drink deep from this infested and corrupt meme pool.

In foreign policy too, the Tories will follow America’s lead, as Nick P pointed out.  Once upon a time, the Tories were too proud of their imperialist past to submit too readily to American desires in foreign affairs, but a combination of neoconservative kool-aid and their own intellectual weakness means they will now follow the drum-beats of the National Review and Weekly Standard.

Basically, as America goes into a tailspin, it’ll likely knock over the UK on the way down.  And that wont be good for anyone living here.