The “war on Xmas” – radical right meme propagation?
December 19, 2009, 5:08 pm
Filed under: Memes

Seems to be somewhat likely.  According to Time magazine, one of the early proponents of the idea of a “War on Christmas” is Peter Brimelow, the extremely conservative founder of VDARE, a website which has been classed as a hate group for giving white supremacists a platform to speak on anti-immigration issues.

Given that, when the war on Xmas is aired (almost always by media outlets with a decidedly conservative slant – in America, Fox News and in the UK, the Daily Mail and Telegraph newspapers) the blame is usually laid at the feet of secularists, atheists and religious/ethnic minorities, this isn’t actually too surprising. And once you get people to accept the idea that immigrants and people with different cultural backgrounds have pernicious influence over one thing, it’s not hard to build on that and convince them they have that influence over much more (ie; that they are some sort of invading virus, seeking to dismantle and replace what conservatives believe is our currently existing society with something quite different).

Still, it is good to know, since everyone who is repeating this fallacious nonsense via chain emails to me is now being sent this link.  Probably wont get to everyone it needs to, but a little correction can’t hurt.


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